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PC Antivirus Should You Go for Mac Antivirus?

The question whether you need antivirus for Mac has been up for debate for a long time. I have to agree with others when they say that Mac is a far more secure system than Windows- but that doesn’t mean they are immune from viruses or malware. Mac computers cannot be infected like traditional Windows PC’s.

The primary reason is simple – most of the windows virus can only work as .exe files, and Mac does not support these. However, while you may be protected from most of the antivirus, you still have to worry about phishing attacks and more.

It’s why you will need antivirus for Mac- something we will take a look in detail below.

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Do I Need Antivirus for Mac?

The above question is akin to asking, “do I need locks for my home?” Your neighborhood may have a low crime rate, but that doesn’t mean a burglar can never break into your home!

Mac provides security features in its operating system to protect your system, but still, it’s open to hackers and other online threats.

Many reports in 2017 showed that Macs are not as secure as they used to be. Business Insider ran a report suggesting Macs be more vulnerable to virus and attacks. Fortune cautioned Apple users about a malware that can freeze Mac systems.

Macs are also expensive and the owners are assumed to be wealthy- or that’s how the cybercriminals think. You can be the target of ransomware or other forms of scam just because you own a Mac.

That’s why it always pays to protect yourself with an antivirus.

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Free Antivirus Software for Mac

You don’t always have to buy antivirus for Mac. Many free software can accomplish the job and protect your Mac from different forms of threat.

Free Mac antivirus trials can be a good way to start your journey. You can get familiarized with the security features of the software and find out if it really works as it promises.

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Mac Operating System and Antivirus Features

Your Mac operating system has built-in security features that protect you from common threats. The features of your antivirus serve as extra protection keeping most threats at bay. The following features are more or less common in antivirus for Mac-

Anti-Malware Protection

Malware is one of the most common threats in the cyber world. Antivirus programs come with active malware protection to detect malicious websites or files and issue warnings to you. The software can also quarantine the files so that they don’t infect your system.

System Scan

System scan is scheduled to run at certain intervals to identify any threats that might have crept in. You can also perform instant scans and schedule scans for a later date.

Web and Email Shield

The Internet is the source of viruses, and your antivirus needs to protect you with a web shield. It should also scan your incoming emails to ensure they don’t contain any malware or virus.  Your Mac may not be able to catch most viruses out there like a Windows PC, but you still have to protect yourself from phishing and ransomware attacks.

Some antivirus applications also offer ransomware protection.

WiFi Security

You may find some antivirus software which scans WiFi network to ensure your safety. This feature becomes important when you are accessing a public WiFi in the airport or shopping mall.

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What to Look for When Choosing Antivirus for Mac

Look out for the following aspects to select the right antivirus for Mac-

Proactive Threat Detection

Your Mac can invite virus and malware from illegitimate websites, hard drives, email-attachments and flash drives. The antivirus should detect threats before they begin to harm your system. The software should scan your computer on a continuous basis and prevent download, installation and execution of questionable applications.

Monitor File System

Some malware like ransomware manipulate files on your Mac or make changes to the file system. A reliable antivirus will keep track of such unauthorized changes and prevent a file from going unavailable. You can also whitelist your apps that make changes in specific directories.

Easy on Computational Resources

Your antivirus should be light on the system resources without stalling programs or causing a lag. Most of the antivirus software run without any problems on modern multi-core processors. It keeps working in the background while you stay busy at your task.

Easy to Navigate

Nobody wants an antivirus where you need to spend an hour just to get the hang of the security settings! It makes sense to look for an easy-to-navigate interface with simple settings that let you control your security level.

If you’re looking for a Mac Antivirus, go for one that can take care of all of these. We are sure you will have found out your best one!

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