Do You Need Antivirus for Your Business?

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Do You Need Antivirus for Your Business?

Cyber attacks and hackings are becoming an everyday problem for businesses around the globe. With 230,000 new malware being released every day, the need to secure your business becomes imperative. If you still think you don’t need to take any steps, consider the following-

  • One hacking takes place every 39 seconds
  • 64% of companies have been a victim to web-based attacks
  • Cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 trillion in 2022

The alarming statistics will make anyone adopt strong security measures to keep their business, employees, and customers safe from the hands of cyber threats. One of the best ways to secure your business is to go for reliable antivirus software that protects you from a wide range of threats like viruses, malware, adware, ransomware, hackings and more.

The Top Reasons You Cannot Compromise on a Good Antivirus

Let’s find out exactly how an antivirus can keep your business safe from cyber threats.

  1. Protects from Ransomware

Ransomware has emerged as one of the top concerns for businesses. Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts the files and data in your computer. The attacker then demands a large sum of ransom to unlock the files.

Once your system is compromised, you can’t do anything other than formatting your disks and lose your valuable data forever. It’s not a surprise that businesses most often end up paying the ransom as they don’t want to lose their crucial data.

The highest amount paid by a business till date is $930,000, with an average of $13,000 demand per attack.

You can keep your data safe and prevent it from falling victim to ransomware by choosing an antivirus for business. Modern antiviruses can detect and stop ransomware attacks so that you can keep your business and data safe.

  1. Protection of Sensitive Data

Businesses have to collect and deal with sensitive information like customer personal data, bank and card details, passwords and more on a daily basis. Hackers and cybercriminals are always trying to steal this data through various methods like spyware which are hard to prevent unless you adopt some security measures.

The best way is to choose a quality antivirus which keeps your data safe from attacks, leaks and stealing. It’s a much better option to spend a few dollars on a good antivirus than end up losing thousands of dollars.

  1. Email Protection

Emails are the most common ways to spread virus and trojans. In fact, 92.4% malware make their way through emails!

Attackers disguise malware and viruses as attachments, images or links in emails which compromise your system once you click on them. Trojans attack the operating system and damage important files and data. You can also be a victim of phishing attacks, which infected 76% organizations in 2017.

A reliable antivirus will scan all incoming emails and attachments for suspicious content and block potentially harmful emails automatically. You can keep your data safe and protect your customers and clients.

  1. Enhanced Online Security

Many businesses, especially eCommerce, accept online payments and store sensitive information online. It’s crucial that you take help of an effective antivirus to protect yourself and your customers from attacks and scams.

Business antiviruses often provide a high standard of security to carry out shopping or online transactions. They can detect and block fraudulent sites and phishing attacks instantly so that your security is not compromised. Some also offer strong encryption so that your no one can snoop on your data.

Premium antiviruses also offer reliable firewall which keeps you safe online.

  1. Mobile Protection

Businesses are increasingly using mobile devices for daily tasks encourage by the BYOD trend. The high number of devices also open up more endpoints which increase the risk of attacks. Antivirus for businesses offers end-to-end protection for a wide range of devices connected to your network.

Your employees’ mobiles can be secured with the antivirus to protect them from all angles of vulnerabilities in real-time.

  1. Server Protection

Some antivirus providers offer protection for mail and file servers that your company may use. Often overlooked, securing your server is of utmost importance as hackers can target the server. Using an antivirus will help your business and website to prevent any downtime which impacts your bottom line.

  1. Extra Protection

Your business may also benefit from extra protection provided by enterprise antiviruses like-

  • Password manager
  • USB and disk scanner
  • Secure file shredder
  • Anti-spam filter
  • VPN service

Final Thoughts

Antiviruses have become essential for businesses of any size. It makes sense to protect yourself for a few hundred dollars and prevent heavy financial losses that can run into thousands of dollars. Make sure you do proper research so that you can choose the right antivirus for your business.




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