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The Best Hosting Malware Protection & Removal

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Looking to protect your website from malware? You may not realize it, but malware is more common than you would think. If you are a big enterprise, the average cost of a malware attack is $2.4 million.

Malware instances, in fact, rose by as much as 88% during 2017. Unfortunately, your websites aren’t immune to it too. If you aren’t careful, your visitors can be infected. It could lead to your site being blacklisted by Google, and falling behind on search engine rankings. Even popular sites like GitHub have been infected with malware before, and every file that you may upload to your site – or even one that a user uploads – can contain malware.

Bets Hosting malware protection service

If you are looking to protect your website, don’t worry. You need the best malware hosting protection for your WordPress hosting. Some of the most reliable brands when it comes to malware-hosting protection include Sucuri, Virusdie, SiteLock, MalCare, Fix My Site, SiteGuarding, and CloudFlare. We will be taking a look at them below.

Sucuri  - hosting malware protection1. Sucuri – Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

An excellent option in cleaning and protecting websites, Sucuri is a respected brand. With Sucuri, you can be sure of having your websites restored and repaired before hackers wreck everything for you.

With a dedicated team of professionals, the latest technologies and a real desire to assist, Suruci remains a prominent choice. Apart from removing website malware, removing blacklist status, repairing SEO spam, Sucuri has other spectacular features like the website firewall (WAF) that is very good in preventing future attacks.

You can choose from different plans according to your needs. The costlier one offers you live chat support, while for the cheaper one, you may have to wait up to 12 hours to get a reply. If you’ve more than a couple of sites to protect, you could be eligible for a discount as well. Just email the customer support, and they will figure out something for you.


Virusdie hosting firewall protection2. Virusdie – Security Services For Websites

Another highly-regarded brand, Virusdie simplifies everything for you by placing all your websites and tools on just one dashboard. This is true irrespective of the type of content management software and hosting plans that you are using. Virusdie is particularly good when it comes to tackling SQL injections, XSS attacks, and other online attacks.
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SiteLock malware protection3. SiteLock – Supercharge The Speed And Security Of Your Web Presence 

Quite advanced and extremely detailed, SiteLock offers an all-encompassing and cloud-based website security solutions for small, medium and big businesses. With some of the best anti-malware features on the market, SiteLock remains the preferred choice for millions. When it comes to website security, this is definitely a reliable name.


MalCare malware protection4. MalCare – Highly-efficient Web Security Services

MalCare is highly-efficient as it offers a unique WordPress firewall and a Captcha-dependent login protection that locks your website from hackers, spammers, bots and others with malicious intent. MalCare also has its Early Detection Technology feature that allows it detect even some of the stealthiest of malware attacks and fixes them before they can wreak any significant havoc.


fixmysite.com5. FixMySite – The Best WordPress Support

Either your website got shut down by hackers or you are trying to prevent such attacks from happening in the first place, Fix My Site is always an outstanding option for you. It is specifically good for WordPress sites and has a dedicated suite that cleans the damaged site, clears off the malware and the blacklist. Fix My Site is also relatively easier and stress-free to use in its iconic three steps of scan, clean and optimize.


SiteGuarding web malware protection6. SiteGuarding – Free Professional Consultation

SiteGuarding goes straight to the point as anyone can try it for free for 14 days. With SiteGuarding, customers can get free professional consultation on the best ways to get protection for your websites. SiteGuarding swiftly removes malware attacks, fixes features that prevent future attacks and it also removes your website from any blacklists.


CloudFlare web protection7. CloudFlare – The Most Popular Websites Protection Application 

Now, CloudFlare is among the more popular choices here. Known to many because of its outstanding and free CDN service, CloudFlare has the reputation for being the expert in tackling DDoS attacks. CloudFlare is able to do this by deploying its Website Application Firewall feature. They also focus primarily on customer data breaches and bot attacks.

By using CloudFlare, clients can be sure of getting quicker web page load times, embedded unlimited DDoS protection, reduced bandwidth costs and greater control over the management of content. CloudFlare also has other tools in place to ensure advanced security, these include DNSSEC, CloudFlare Access, CloudFlare Spectrum and Argo Tunnel.


What did we like?

Now, when it comes to malware-hosting protection, you need something more than just protecting your site from the threat. Many of these solutions offer extra benefits like CDN, which enhances the website speed and performance.

With on-time support and Google blacklist removal service, you can be sure that your website stays safe, and you continue to build on your brand reputation without a worry. No matter which malware hosting protection you choose, ensure that you get what you’re looking for.

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